Camshaft - HI-REV Intake - WEB Cams

Done all the usual bolt ons? Looking for the next big power adder? Cams are it! The ZXtuner Hi Rev camshaft is designed for street zetecs on stock valve springs that are seeking all motor high rpm power. Gentle ramp angles during opening/closing and long base duration make this a natural for producing just that. Power comes on after 5000 rpm and increases it's gain progressively to 7400rpm. Chip and rev limiter upgrades recommended. Not for Forced Induction applications. Price is $159.99 plus $30.00 core deposit, refundable upon return on your good original cam. Requires P/N 1206 lash caps. Fits: 1998-2003 ZX2 1998-2000 Contour Zetec 2000-2004 Focus Zetec (except SVT) 1999-2002 Cougar Zetec 2001-2004 Escape Zetec
Camshaft - HI-REV Intake - WEB Cams
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