Axles - Heavy Duty - Axle King

The production Escort axles were not designed to accept heavy horsepower. With only a .625" ball bearing and a smallish 22 spline CV connecting shaft, it's not uncommon to break cages or strip splines when put under heavy use. The Axle King shafts utilize larger 18mm bearings in oversize housings and cages with larger diameter 30 spline CV connecting shafts. Also, we eliminate the heavy intermediate shaft by making a 1pc passenger side axle giving additional weight savings as well. Price is for one axle, two are required per car. A $75.00 deposit is required for the return of your old CV axles. Axles are available for: 1991-1996 Escort 1.8 DOHC w/ Manual Trans 1997-2002 Escort 2.0 SPI w/ Manual Trans 1998-2003 ZX2 w/ Manual Trans
Axles - Heavy Duty - Axle King
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