Hoods - Invader Style - Lightweight Fiberglass

An efficient way to improve acceleration, braking, and handling is to remove weight from your car. Removing 10lbs from your car is like adding one extra HP of acceleration, and taking weight off the front of a FWD car makes a better more neutral handling car. A lightweight hood helps achieve both functions, it removes curb weight and improves weight distribution (most front wheel drive cars have over 60 percent of their weight over the front wheels). A fiberglass hood is over 50% lighter than a stock steel hood so a ZX2 for example would shed 19lbs and improve weight distribution from the front of the car. The invader hood scoop also helps to vent heated air from under the hood and looks good doing it. Our hoods have all functional stock latch and hinge mounting points so it will bolt on just like a stock hood. The hood's surface is done in a gel coat that is ready to block and prep for paint. Hoods are made special order so allow 2 weeks for production time. Greyhound shipping available within the continental U.S. only. Truck Collect shipping (you pay trucker at arrival for ship cost - price varies between $100-$250) is available in the lower 48 states and Canada.
Hoods - Invader Style - Lightweight Fiberglass
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